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Electric guitar in Symbolism


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What do members think of an electric guitar in impressionistic music?

I don't mean the regular fuzz or distortion or even 'clean' but with "effects" closer to what seems to be called "modulation" these days, inevitably including delay and reverberation. And I wasn't thinking of the genre called "atmospheric". So there'd be the guitar with a standard orchestra, quite reliant on effects.

I've vaguely started a composition (my playing is far from competent!) but am designing various stomp box effects...some may exist readymade but I haven't found them! Also home-made saves a fortune against readymades. It may be possible to incorporate other sounds, such as pink noise passing through a filter (akin to a long waah-waaahhh!). A few ideas present themselves. 

The idea may not work but it'll be a couple of months until I find out. 

Have any others explored such things?

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