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Nadin Varga: Körbinduló


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A poem set to music submitted to the Körbirodalom competition.

Music by Nadin Varga

Lyrics by Borbála Machlik
Performed by: Choir of the Hermann László Secondary School of Music
Choirmaster: György Mihály
Piano accompanist: Tamás Vasvári
Teachers: Tamás Vasvári and Zoltán Galambos

The recording was made in the main hall of the Hermann László Secondary School of Music.


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  • Nadin changed the title to Nadin Varga: Körbinduló

Great performance, and welcome!

I've listened to a few of your pieces, and it's very impressive. I like the quirkiness of this piece, it seems like you conveyed the character of the poem really well. I'm not too much into vocal music, but this one was a fun one to listen to. 

You'll find quite the talented bunch here, I'd encourage you to dig around in the forums and share some thoughts with the other members. I've learned a lot from my time here.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the positive review! It was not easy to compose this piece, even in Hungarian the lyrics of the poem were difficult. 

Unfortunately, I don't have much free time now during school (I come in at 8 in the morning and finish at 8 at night, that's life in music school :D).

Now I mainly have to compose style exercises chorale harmonizations, minuets, sonatas.

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Nice job!  I'm glad there are English subtitles as it let me enjoy your word-painting.  I hear some similarities between Hungarian and my native language of Polish (like the words "trombi tak" at 0:35).  "Soft enough, fine as wool" is a really nice example of the aforementioned word-painting where you emulate the softness with a sweet descending motif in the high sopranos.  Congratulations on the performance and thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!
I did not write the English text and the poem. In the solo I also sing this part: "Soft enough, fine as wool" 🙂
"trumpet tak" is the verb "trombitál" which in English is more like playing the trumpet.
I'll also show you a picture of the main character of the song who is a soft toy animal in a children's library and his name is "Körbi". The name of the library is "KörBirodalom" which is roughly equivalent to the Circle Empire in English. 


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