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Favorite solo instrument accompanied by piano work?


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Wow, what a question! And where to begin?

(And suddenly, trying to think of an answer, my entire knowledge of the repertoire has vanished 😂)

For the sake of choosing something, I'll go with recent pieces I've listened to and enjoyed. I'll come back and edit this later once I've remembered a favourite!

Heard this piece on George N Gianopoulos' channel the other day:



Others... I really love Bartók's Romanian Dances (the piano part is pretty boring though!)



As I say, I'll probably come back and add a couple more, interested to see the responses!

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How come I miss this post!

For me it must be Chopin's Cello Sonata. You don't often see the pianist THIS difficult in a chamber work!!

It's very hard to be utterly pianistic but still maintain the ensemble-ship between the two instruments but I think Chopin achieve this! The cello sings so well yet the Piano doesn't lose its charming Chopinistic touch. Sadly he didn't write much chamber works!

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