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variation of celebration march for 1 - 2 instruments


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"A voice from a distant place" - This small piece is harmonic variation (played in different mode) from celebration march for 1-2 instruments that can be any suitable instruments and the 1st line can be played alone. I have composed this and the original march few years ago. (It may have some influence from Konsta Jylhä, who was finnish folk musician, who was known in 1970's.)

The second line stops playing in the middle. I think this is better than the original march.

EDIT: i added mp3 and pdf file for original piece


harmonic variation of celebration march.pdf


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i added two files
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Though still there's just one staff for piano here I think this is not really an issue here since you really wrote the piece for one hand. It sounds much better than the other one I reviewed but I am not really convinced of stopping the organ playing at the middle of the piece. It seems you are so nothing to comment further on that regard.

I have a question. How would you interpret the fermata + stacatto? I ask because view it as contradictory. Thank you for sharing. Since I don't know the musician you mention I don't see any influence of him there :).

Kind regards!!

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