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30 Minutes of Action Music

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            This is the completed 30 Minutes of Action Music I have been composing for a long time.

Mostly composed using Ableton the 30 minutes includes suspense and almost frightening like build ups.

It includes very sudden or "exciting" key changes that reminds everyone of the peak of an action movie or a war movie, going up a minor 3rd interval in a huge key change C to Eflat for example can give the audience a real engaging rush.

Going up a semi tone like a key change builds tension if written appropriately, it must be composed very carefully to achieve this "EPIC" thrilling key change.

Then changing up a full tone. changing keys up a tone if done well can give a simular effect however relies heavily on orchestration and careful phasing from the instruments to resolve/build the suspense up a tone.




Edited by Tom Dahlenburg
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