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What Music are you looking for or listening to this week? (01/05/2023)


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As someone who uses Reddit a little (too much), one type of thread that I see quite often pop up is a weekly listening thread in music subreddits such as r/rock and r/classical, where users share what music they've listening to that week and/or any music their looking for. I thought it would be fun to incorporate this on YC.

The general outline is below (Copied from r/rock and slightly modified)

  1. This is where you can post all requests and recommendations.
  2. If you're looking for a recommendation give a description/music link/composer so that other people will know what you want.
  3. Example: "I want to hear an composerthat sounds like Tchaikovsky" (you can get more specific but usually enough) - and then hopefully someone will respond with recommendations X, Y, and Z.
  4. You can also leave a top level comment recommending an composer/school that you think others might like if they like X, Y, and Z.
  5. The more descriptive you guys are, the easier it is to help you find what you want. Just stating a composer's name isn't that helpful since you might only like one specific aspect of that composer's music.

Hope the mods approve of this. I hope to make it a weekly thing.


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I guess that I'll start:

I've been looking into the French Romantics this week (and getting back into Stevie Ray Vaughan).

Some stuff I've enjoyed:

Jules Massanet-Suite No.4 "Scenes Pittoresques"

Can't find many recordings of this work on YT, but this NZSO version is pretty good (gotta promote the NZSO as a NZer). Looked at this in Orchestra last year (didn't play sadly)

Also this:

and this


Both by Berlioz.

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I like this idea, it can help with music discovery. We'd need to put more visibility on this thread / idea. I'm someone who always is looking for new music, and lately I discovered a composer that is like Rachmaninoff. His name is Nikolai Medtner. Here is part of his piano concerto 1 that I clipped. It's really beautiful and in many ways, superior to Rachmaninoff in my opinion:


But his entire piano concerto is just stunning, if you enjoy that type of music, which I do. I was drawn into the full concerto, and while I hear similarities to Rachmaninoff, I just felt like this music was better orchestrated and more pianistic. The problem some people may see with the first concerto is the lack of thematic development. However, to me, I don't even mind because his variations are really well done.

I'm sure I can come up with a lot more examples of "music that sounds like". But let's see what others come up with.

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