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I decided to partially take the text from Psalm 22 and see what happens if you get rid of the "God" parts. This is what I came up with. 

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Hi, Some Guy That writes Music! Congratulations, impressive beginning.

Are there other instruments playing which be not indicated in the score? You literally removed not only the God word but the note attached to it,  right? The sounds are so soft and the atmosphere you create is powerful, but the very same sounds also seem to cause issues (VERY abrupt pauses and dynamic changes). The dynamics definitely make the piece come alive though, it's a pity there be those abrupt jumps. Are they intended?

Despite, again, having managed to create a powerful and delightfully dark atmosphere, I would say that directionality was little to none (which isn't necessarily bad, just pointing it out in case this was not what you intended) due to a lack of movement in terms of melody and harmony.

Despite the end didn't really convince me, I liked the piece overall for the reasons already presented in earlier passages (successful & powerful dark atmosphere, really good use of dynamics throughout the piece). 

Kind regards,

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