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A drop of color - For Wind Band (Rough Draft, Unfinshed)

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I have been unhappy with my production as of late, so I decided to work on a piece for much longer than I normally do, and these is the unfinished results of my time. "A drop of color - For Wind Band (Rough Draft, Unfinshed)". Critique and review are very welcome.

Please keep in mind that this is a very rough draft, and none of the visual weirdness or engraving issues will be present in the final score.


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God, doesn't this seem fun!

I've only given it a brief once-over, but even then I find it hard to keep up: such a massive and utterly impressive score! And here I am finding it hard to write for a symphony orchestra 😭

The piece itself is also no laughing matter, with plenty of highlights to pick and select: there's that amazing schmooze-y texture around the 6-minute mark; then there's this glorious, percussive drive that reminds me a great deal of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, paired with this loud, unencumbered orchestral-jazziness that reminded me of Duke Ellington's Three Black Kings; not to mention an impressive understanding of all kinds of musical timbres (not to mention the bajillion percussion instruments, like damn) that all sort of melt together into something of outstanding cohesion and uniqueness. Your confidence in writing shows not just in the scale of the ensemble you're writing for, but also in how well everything just, well, works. In terms of sheer scale alone, this has got to be the most impressive thing I've seen on this forum by far. 

As for critiques, I really can't give you much advice on what to change. It's not as if you're writing anything classical and heavily dependent on structure or anything: this brainchild of yours is jazz through and through, and the free form certainly suits it. Besides, when it comes to orchestral music, it's obvious that I am clearly no match for you.

I don't really know where exactly your past productions would have made you unhappy (I haven't listened to them), but this has got to have made up for that in some way or another!

I think you've done a fantastic job here. I'm truly looking forward to (and frightened of 😉) your finished product. I wish you all the best and good luck!

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