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Living (Main Theme)

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Hi @Anto21,

This is real calm and soothing music, and I like it! 

For me I particularly like those passages when the piano is taking the lead: for example the opening, 1:03 and the reprise in 2:10. I particularly love 1:03 since you are introducing blue notes there and that passage is special.

For me I am less favourable towards the introduction of the plucked string instrument in 1:20, since I feel like piano can do the job in this lovely piece. Also in 2:00 I find the augmented second Ab-B natural somewhat strange, since I feel like the style doesn't match with that. We are having some very soothing music here but sudden Indian and Middle East elements join in. Maybe the contrast is too much for me.

But overall this is lovely. Thx for sharing!



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