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Symphony #°3 in G minor (3rd and last movement)

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Hi 🙂

Here's the 3rd and last movement of my 3rd symphony.

It's in G minor, and I put some chose dissonances inside, no harm wished to your ears 😉

Have a nice day 🙂



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Hi again @Marc Deflin!

I think this piece has some of the same problems as your recent string quartet piece you posted.  There's some octave doubling, but besides that you've conceived of this piece as a collection of solo lines.  In order for an orchestra to sound full and idiomatic (if you're trying to write thematically, deriving your basic approach from the classical and romantic eras) then you should use the string orchestra as the skeleton of the piece.  I would say to try writing a string orchestra piece, but your recent string piece that you wrote still has the same problems.  Maybe try writing a piece only for instruments you can play or have played in the past?  Or perhaps writing a piece on the model of another piece?  What's your favorite piece of music?  Now try writing a piece that's modeled after it but with your own melodic and harmonic ideas.  Those are my thoughts - thanks for sharing!

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