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Beethoven - Rage Over A Lost Penny

Guest Anders

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Guest Anders

Any of you tried this? Any difficulties? Do you know any history behind it? Analyze!

That's a lot of questions! :) Any information would be helpfull!

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You forgot the subtitle, "Givent vent in a Caprice". Rondo A Capriccio or however it's spelled. Great song to learn. Goes all over the place if I remember it correctly. I think the sheet music I had might've had the "history" to the song on it but I'm not sure. Heck, I don't even know where the score is to be honest but if I can find it I'll see if it says anything about the song. :)

Edit-Speak of the devil, I found it and it has the history...

This piece, recently the subject of a thorough study by Erich Hertzmann, has been popular with young pianists for decades as a tour de force. It was composed between 1795 and 1798, and in Beethoven's own hand-writing are the headings Alla inghares quasi un Capriccio and the title on the covering page, Leichte Kaprice(Easy Caprice). Alla ingharese stands for All' ongarese (in the Hungarian gypsy style), one of the favorite styles of the late 18th century.

The technique of making the most of a single idea (measures 1-16) by trying all of it's possibilities and tossing it from one voice to another to the point of absurdity, especially in so many different keys, is responsible for much of the humor in this piece. Other humorous devices are the use of grace notes in measures 95-96 and the imitation in measures 224-231.

The piece requires a stronly projected sense of rythm throughout, a good choice of tempo that can be maintained and varied slightly, and a well-controlled tone. The editorial Allegro(cheerful) at the beginning refers more to the mood of the piece than to the speed. The rhythmic vitality and vigor of the performance are more important than rapid tempo.

For a more in depth history on it I'd look up that Erich Hertzmann guy's research on it. :wub:

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