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  2. The term is probably really effective when it comes to composition, but when it comes to analysis, you'll notice it's just a few sets of scalar tetrachords that whose [0] prime value go up by fifth i.e. C D E F# - G A B C#. The sound of the scale in and of itself is cool, and great in improvisation, perhaps, but analytically it falls short of any practical value, in my opinion.
  3. Nice, though I like the prelude more, I think. You have a set of parallel fifths in m. 59, by the way. I don't know if you care.
  4. I would say that the first triad of any mode represents its "tonic," which I put in quotes because they don't always get there with a ii-V-I cadence or a subdominet-dominant cadence. But they are tonal centers nonetheless.
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  6. I like the harmonies, it sounds like something from dbz.
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  8. A maximum-cheese, power metal tune I composed as a battle theme for an indie game. Let me know what you think.
  9. Thank you very much Luis, im glad you enjoyed it!
  10. Apart from the result, it seems you don't follow the main rule in dodecaphony: avoiding parallel octaves. This is difficult when writing atonal polyphony. I particularly like the adagio.
  11. Hey yc 🙂 I recently watched a really great interview in which Jacob Collier explains the super ultra hyper mega meta lydian scale, a concept that really sparked my interest. I was curious to know if any of you have any examples of the super ultra thing in music, or know of any super good applications of it. Thanks!
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  13. You need the freedom to compose what you want; not be slave to a DAW. Can you switch off the "key" or scale or mode? You can't modulate to new keys or even do interesting harmonic progressions without accidentals so if you want to use some of the main chromatic chords (in a key - chords that don't exist in that key) you'd be stuck. I haven't used a key signature for ages. I just draw in the piano roll notes as I see fit. May take a bit of getting used to but once you can, you're free!
  14. This is moreromantic than impressionistic, but nice.
  15. I didn't enjoy a piece like this for a long time. I love it. The sound of the organ is beautiful but clean. I love the prelude, but the fugue is also amazing.
  16. Hello Everyone, This is a recent experimental showing my exploration in various styles. There are 3 movements: I. Allegro Moderato II. Adagio III. Vivace The first movement adopts the 12-tone system (The tone series is shown in the score in a table). The second movement explores the use of polytonality. Hope you enjoy the music and I appreciate your comments:) Best, HoYin
  17. I think Sibelius is quite good tbh, at least for me
  18. Yeah, thats exactly what I meant using notes outside a scale the DAW that I use FL studio doesn't really label the scale that I am trying to use (Dorian) as what it typically should be. It always labels it as minor instead, regardless of how few chords I use for the rhythm section of a piano the 1,4 chord combo only does so much and it still doesn't label it as Dorian. I've even considered using no 3rds in the rhythm just 5ths and inversions, saving the actual scale for the lead hand accentuating the 6th note and tonic chord, to no avail. So I decided to write a post on this and get other peoples opinion on this matter. In a lot of songs for video games like you said they use chromatic notes ex: Legend of Zelda and Skyrim to name a few. When the DAW doesn't label the scale properly anyways, it's discouraging to even think about sticking to one scale.
  19. Very soothing melody. I might suggest you add some chords or accompaniment in the woodwinds at measure 18 with the cello melody to give it a more "full" sound. Also, what are your thoughts on the Sibelius program? lol just curious 😄
  20. I tries experimenting with impressionism, but I doubt the end result could be considered as such. Composed June 29th, 2019Waltz_in_F_Major.mp3
  21. I very well composed waltz. However, like you said above, the lack of a segment in the dominant key does make it seem a bit off. Anyways, well done! Ps. I just realized you’re also on MuseScore 😁
  22. Well, I think you'd have a tough time finding anyone who is like...against chromatic notes or whatever. The romantic era is pretty much synonymous with chromaticism and film/game music rely on it extensively. Though maybe you're referring to simply using notes from outside a given diatonic scale? Also good. Would be pretty boring if you never did. This is where I'm a bit confused. What do you mean? Most modern music, at least that intended purely for listening, is not modal to begin with.
  23. What is your opinion on using chromatic notes from time to time to help adjust a melody? Or just writing something that isn't quite all modal?
  24. @mark styles @Monarcheon hello guys! what do you think of this? and thanks
  25. Composition completed on 12/16/2015 You also can watch this piece here -
  26. I believe this is one of my most emotional composition, with a bit of asian taste in it. I was inspired by a few sea paintings I saw in the net. Hope you guys enjoy it ! (and suggestions as usual plss 🙂
  27. For the purposes of cadence/resolution(ending on the 4th/5th chord), is the reason I want to know if the chord functions are consistent across all 7 modes of major.
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