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    Here's my variation. Hope you like it. Please tweak the mid and mp3 files as needed because I could not edit them properly. If you need further explanation, please message me privately. Oh! Kom maar eens kijken!.mid
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    Here is my Variation 1 Oh! Kom maar eens kijken! Variation 1b.mid
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    I think, overall, the work sounds good. The use of pizzicato is interesting, the thematic material is interesting, and you seem to have a nice contrast in sections. However, ears can be misleading -and a score is something should always be posted when a review (or even opinion) is being asked. My one area of critique would be the overall structure. While the idea of through-composed is strong here, I think the material would be suited to a more thoroughly structured format. The change in the theme is clear throughout -but perhaps restructuring this as a rondo would better assist in memorability. Just a thought. I'd love to see a score to give a more resolute opinion.
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