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Suggestions for new collaborative projects

Guest Anders

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We can work with that theme. I think we should write for indoor percussion ensemble. For those not familiar with this genre, think of marching band and drum corps. Indoor percussion ensembles feature a full batterie (drumline) and front ensemble (pit). The drumline actually marches, performing more intricate forms and motions then they normally would in marching band or drum corps, since here they are the main visual focus in place of marching wind instrumentalists.

Indoor percussion ensemble - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is an example of indoor percussion, sometimes called percussion theatre:

(I know they're practicing outdoors :P

(Actually indoors, this one is more interesting in my opinion)

Those are two shows by Music City Mysitique (Indoor Percussion Ensemble)

Even if you're familiar with the genre, listen to those, get this stuff in your mind. Is this what we want to do? This would add a snare line, tenor line, 5 tuned bass drums, and 4 to 6 tuned marching cymbals. We could come up with something really cool if we put our minds to it. Everybody up to it? :cool:

Alright, how many people? If enough, we'll start a thread for this.

P.S. I'm good in batterie, too, don't worry. ;)

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