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Mozart Concert fot the Mozart Year


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So the idiots down at my school are trying to pick what are we going to play for Easter: since it's Mozart's 250th birthday, we're going to play Mozart. Obviously, they want everything with chorus: our chorus stinks, but they're always the pretty boys and girls. We did the Coronation Mass K317 for Christmas (where I also played Mozart's Third Violin Concerto as a soloist, hooray) and those uber-boring people were thinking of another mass: now, if we don't do Mozart's unifinished C minor I'm outta here. Still, we could always do something else, between the lenghts of 20 and 50 minutes, with chorus and soloists.

SO - I was wondering if any of you could suggest any Mozart work: it would be of great help. Thanks. :)

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If it's concerto, then do any late/middle piano concerto, or violin concerto #5 or if not, then i think for a concert playing a 2 piano sonata would be a great show piece.

Especially the D major and F major, K448 and K497 or thereabouts.

Or if you're really adventurous, the Two piano concerto k365, but that probably wouldnt happen.

Or the sinfonia concertante for violin and viola.

But if your school is boring as you say it is, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik :P

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