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Motif and Communal Composition

Which of these composing "games" are you interested in?  

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  1. 1. Which of these composing "games" are you interested in?

    • the MOTIFs, sucka1
    • YCCCC (Young Composers [i]Connection[/i] Communal Composition) all the way
    • Other(s) - please specifiy

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Now that YC seems to have gotten more active members, I wonder if we can restore the communal compostions and/or motif games which became neglected as members began to dissipate (particularly for the motifs, as the greater bunch of them were barely worked on). Or not, if no one else is interested. But there's the poll for ya. (I'll post some examples of both from the archives later)

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Guest Nickthoven

You're definitely gonna have to explain this, as I have no clue what you're talking about. Some sort of game...?

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Fair enough.

The YCCCC (though we can probably drop out one C now :D) is essentially what it sounds like it is - a group composition by the members from the Young Composers forum. Since there had only been two as of yet (and only one with a high level of interest surrounding it), the rules haven't really been formalized much (I believe, though, it was essentially to the initiator's discretion). But anyways, these two were done with one addition after the other, with little discussion or planning, but they were pretty fun to do and the result(s) were nice to listen to.

The Motive Challenge came in two varieties: the initial motifs were generated by a YC member and willing participants could mold a piece from it however they like (I don't recall any other restriction other than the motif actually being there). This started off pretty nicely, but the prolificness (and interest) didn't quite keep up with the motifs produced, and thus after the instance the number of entries began leveling off steadily into nil. (Also, I think it was supposed to be a contest, but no one really stepped up to judge the pieces...)

The other one was actually more of a theme/variation challenge, but the rules were pretty similar. J. Lee Graham had a nice pre-pubescent Mozart piece for us to work on, and a nice variety of entries were made. I believe someone tried to start another one by a piece by Faure, but it didn't quite go off. Still, I think the idea is quite warrantable now.

Since I can't upload zip files, I'll just upload some representable picks from the whole. If you are interested in hearing more of them, join the "compose" group in Yahoo! and they'll be in the Communal Composition and Motive folders, respectively.

Authors for the Communal Compositions:


1. Chris Shaver

2. Marisa

3. Andrew Hsieh

4. Benjamin Hansen

5. Myself

6. Becca Cyzhold

7. David Hately

8. Jeff Ball

9. Stefan Inglis

10. David Hately (with quite an elaborate wrap-up, I must say :))


1. Myself

2. Matt Ward

3. Benjamin Hansen

4. Becca Cyzhold

5. Michael Ryback

6. Myself (please excuse me for the poor cop-out ending)

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