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Call for digital performers!

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Hello all!

Here's the official thread, at last (for those of you who know what I'm talking about).

To anyone who doesn't know: I'm close to the completion of my PhD in composition and I'm in need of your help!

I have composed a piano piece (around 11 minutes long and 13 pages the score)*. I need to get as many as possible digital performances as possible!

In short, I will provide the midi file, the score in PDF format and in Finale format, to those who need it, various further information and some extra goodies just to say thank you (can't say what in public). You in turn will get the score, the midi file, or the finale file, or whatever you want to work with and make me a rendering of this music.

The only issues are that:

i. It is rather difficult as a piece. Not in a manner that you will need to study piano to play it, but it is somewhat complicated music.

ii. You will need to either have Pianoteq 2.3, or download the trial version over at Pianoteq: True modelling of pianos and other keyboard or string instruments. I need, all the performances to have the absolutely same piano sound, and the only way to do this is to get everyone to use the same samples, or the same modelled piano.

This project, being for my PhD, is non commercial and will never be commercial with your performances (which means I'll never sell your renderings). This, however, also means that I don't have any budget and it is impossible for me to provide any kind of fee for you.

In order to compensate for the above, I have agreed with Mordatt, the creators of pianoteq and they are willing to offer a free license to one of the people to help (me) out! But this is not a competition! You are not competing with each other, nor you are trying to win pianoteq. Just that in the end there will be a draw between the people who helped out and one lucky person will win pianoteq 2.3 (and any possible upgrades of version 2, if I understand how Mordatt works).

Here is a small showreel type of the piece (not the complete piece): http://www.nikolas-sideris.com/CUDE/CUDE_showreel.mp3.

Post here for any questions.

Contact me through PM, or e-mail at mail *AT* nikolas-sideris *DOT* com.

As you can see I'm not sharing any files just yet. I cannot share any files in public (due to copyright issues), and only give them to specific persons.

I do hope that this kind of music will be pleasent to you and that you will be eager to realise your own personal ideas on how the piece should sound. Like any other performer will be. In the end of the project I am most willing to provide to you a copy of the whole project (subject to licensing however right now).

As I said, anything you need, just ask. :)

Thank you for your time reading this and hope to hear from you soon.


* It took me around 8-10 hours to complete the rendering (but of course I knew what the score was...) Just some indication on how much work it could be needing...

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