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Happy Birthday Competition


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Hi, I want to make a competition.

My Birthday is no where soon, but I would like to have it done, by lets say Jan. 1st.

I need this piece so it can be played with the symphony orchestra I play in.

This is for a college level players.

2 Flutes

2 Clarinets

1 Bass Clarinet

2 Bassoons

4 F Horns (may double F horn 1/2 and 3/4)

2 Trps.

1 Tuba

2 Trombones

2 Oboes

2 Violin parts

1 Viola Part

1 Cello part

1 Double Bass Part



Chimes/Tubular Bells

Marimba/Glock./ Xylo./Vib. (any 2 of these)

Bass Drum




I need a beautiful arrangement, so I will judge myself.

I will PM participants with where to submit them.

This is a great opp. for your music to be performed.

Happy Birthday Song finally free from copyright restrictions | Freedom for IP

That says its no longer in copyright so please, any participants post here.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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- Marimba/Glock./ Xylo./Vib. (any 2 of these) --> You mean, we can use 2 in the same time, or we have to choose 2 of them?

- Should we use all of these instruments?

- Do you have a bass clarinet, or one of the clarinet players plays it?

- Do you have 4 or 5 string-double bass?

- Are you sure about this one-month deadline? :)

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