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Sonatina Competition


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No, I have not forgotten about the YC 24 Preludes.

So write a sonatina for any small group (solo or chamber music) and in any style.

So it could be an atonal sonatina for string trio or a baroque harpsichord piece or anything else. Just make sure that it's in two to four movements. And shortish. You know, just make it have the general aspects of a sonatina.

There will be:

1st Place Winner

2nd Place

3rd Place

And two honorary mentions.

Edit: Wow, is this really the 19,073rd thread in YC?

I need three judges. These judges should discuss with each other and COLLABORATIVELY come up with the winning, the 2nd place piece, the 3rd place piece, and the honorary mentions.

No deadline as of yet.

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