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Pictures at a exhibition II. (a composition compet


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Hi guys. I'm new here so i hope i get this right. Also, can i post pictures here?

the background

incase you are not familiar with the origional pictures at a exhibition. it was a suite composed by mussorsky in 1874. to help generate publicity for his freinds artwork he composed a peice for each picture.

more imformation : Pictures at an Exhibition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the more famous peices are is

grate gates of kieve

picture : http ://www.meridianmagazine.com/ancients/images/KievGatePainting.jpg

song :

the competition

how the competition is, i will post a picture and after and we will all make a composition based on the picture. when our entries are in we will vote for the winner. the winner of the that months chalenge will chose next weeks picture. if you chose the picture, you can win but you should still post a composition.

here is the first picture


the contest will be open until the end of july. the entrants will all vote for the best one (no voting for yourself)

rules for composing

- can be any length. can be for any instruments in any key. pretty open ended

- post a link to enter.

- the composition must relate to the picture. post a description of how it is related

Rules for choosing a picture

- only the winner can pick next weeks picture.

- if you choose the picture you cant win that week

- if the winner doesent choose a picture in 2 days i will.

- the picture must be a form of artwork (photography, painting, graphic, anything aslong it can be conssiderd art)

so, get composing

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Seems cool! I found something wierd though.

Your deadline says end of July, but the first picture choosing rule implies each contest is a week. Which is it?

Also, please spell check, there are lots of little mistakes.

I think I'll try this out if I'm allowed on. My parents have to recieve my report card first though, so until the tenth, I can not say for certain if I'm allowed to participate.

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hmm. spam :/

the competition is open to interpritation, thats the point. it can be for a orchestra, a sythisiser, a brass band or even a harmonica.

to enter post a link to a mp3 or midi and a link to the pdf, scorch or whatever.

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