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Wanted: Talented Composers for Film Music


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As you haven't given really any information on what it is that you want musically, I (and probably others) would be hesitant to even consider working on this project. From my experiences when a director (both theater and film) has an rough idea or no idea, it typically leads to lots of rewrites and a poor working experience. So I would need a lot more information on what your vision is before I would even consider this.

At the same time, I would need to know more about the actual film before even considering if its a project I would want to work on. Especially since its unpaid.

Also, was there any kind of guide score or recordings used in the filming process?

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Charlie makes very good points.

The idea that you're making a contest to give people the opportunity to have their work used for free in your production is...well, it's not very professional. If you're going to ask composers to donate their hard work for your use for absolutely no tangible recompense (sorry, "exposure" and is a totally uninspiring return on our investment unless you're going to many big film festivals world-wide), then you should at least make it very very easy for them. That would entail telling us about the film, providing a musical style description (what kind of music are you even looking for? How much? How prominent?), and providing the clip in an easy-to-use format that we can download directly to score to.

The best thing that you could do to provide incentive is to pay your crew. The fact that you managed to put together an entire crew of charity workers and actors to produce this film is a testament to the state the industry is in

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Hi everyone!

We just posted a version of the scene with English subtitles on youtube:

There are several download programs with which you can download youtube movies to your computer.

You can also send an email to relindedegraaff@hotmail.com and I'll send you a .m4v file of the scene.

Deadline for the music contest is 31 October 2009. On the 1st of November we will pick a winner.

I can't tell too much about the story, there's a synopsis written next to the youtube teaser (

) that you can read to have an idea about the story. As you can understand I cannot tell how the story goes on, the winner of the contest will see the whole movie and will then be able to talk about it with the director and everyone else.

Composers are free to make their own music for the scene, just make what you think suits the movie.

You can have a look at our website De Vrouwen van Huysink to see some photos etc of the movie. I have to warn you that the website is in Dutch...

I hope everything is clear. If not, send me an email at relindedegraaff@hotmail.com


Relinde de Graaff

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Dear Marius,

I'm sorry for you that you have such a big problem with the thing we are making.

I myself am a professional actress, I'm not a student anymore and I do this because it is a good way to gain experience, to fill up my curriculum and simply because I love making something beautiful. I think I can speak for the whole cast & crew of "The women van Huysink" if I say this.

I am sure that there are more people - also composers - who think like us and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Good luck with everything.

Relinde de Graaff

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First of all, I'm pretty sure those programs you're talking about aren't exactly... legal.

Your trailer has music. Is that what kind of music you're looking for? What's the significance of the music in the trailer and how does it relate to what you're looking for?

You really should post the synopsis here instead of making everyone do your work, people will be more willing to consider it.

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I dunno. I found a website here to bring it to .flv and a program here to make it a .mov file, something i can use. And yes, it's legal, especially with the express consent of the copyright holder.

There's a subtitled (albeit sometimes weakly) version in "Related Videos" or something.

Took me 10 minutes to find. Then again, I'm not trying to be a pro.

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First of all welcome and good luck to your project.

Some further thoughts on some things:

1. The film is LOW budget and not NO budget as far as I can tell. This means that there are some money going to some places. Considering that a composer will need, not only to compose the music, but orchestrate it, produce it, render it and realise the final result, this means that this person will, or might have already pay/paid a lot of money towards equipment.

2. What do you plan to make of the movie? If you plan on screening it internationally, are there any money involved THERE? I've not a clue on movies, I work in games, but if you plan on making money afterwards, maybe it would be worth promising something like % in writing to the composer.

3. If there really is no money involved, maybe a promise to work with the composer again would be sufficient as well. I have done freeware games in the past, but these people went commercial and took me along.


There's nothing wrong with what you say, apart from the feeling (wrong probably) that one could be tricked. I, personally, have little doubt about you and the movie, as I believe you, but this is the internet, and it could very well be that some people are getting even a small amount of money, in which case the composer might feel unfaired.

Either way I have absolutely no time to work on such a film, personally, so again, I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing the whole film.


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I have to add that doing things for free for "exposure" wears thin after awhile. I have done free performances for churches this past year and I have enjoyed the experience but I many need to cut back a little - I need more time to earn cold hard cash. Also, performing for free at these churches isn't entirely free as they allow me to practice on their pipe organs in return.

So, to reiterate what others are saying, you must be specific and offer tangible returns on the composer's investment. Even you may be getting something tangible - something on your resume, maybe a clip or too for your portfolio? Also I imagine you have a paid job correct? And possibly the crew members too? Could you all afford to do the project without your paid job?

Just think about those things .... most composers here are finishing their degrees and hold a job or earning money with composition and possibly something else.

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Here the synopsis of the movie:

When Floras mother dies at a young age, she persists her daughter to live in freedom.

This is not easy for Flora, who stays behind with her strict father and her blabbing sisters, especially not when her father decides to search a suitable husband for his daughter. Flora stands up against him and she wants to find a husband herself.

Her older sister Hanna, who has taken over the mother role of the family, keeps an eye on her. The youngest sister Elsbeth, who is raised by Hanna, makes it also difficult for Flora to escape from her fathers tyranny. Flora intends to walk the path of freedom in this enchanting story that takes place around the year 1800. Meet Flora, surrounded by her family, in her struggle for freedom and true love.

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This may not be a good opportunity for composers who can get paying jobs, but for those of us who do it for fun, and would like experience for future real jobs, like myself, it's a great opportunity.

I will enter this, but have two questions: where did you get the music on the commercial (I don't know what this is, but others have spoken of it)

Also, does it have to have music for the entire scene?

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Don't you think you should offer the winning composer royalties of 5 or 10%, especially if you cannot pay them "work for hire?" Usually this is how it works:

1. You either agree to pay the composer for the rights to the music such that it would be a "work for hire" or

2. You pay the composer royalties of the movie sale if you cannot afford to pay "work for hire" or

3. A balance of both.

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Haha it's funny lol. So the prise is that we can make the whole film's music...well its not a prise. And making it as a competition...no comment :D

It's like you use someone to do the hard work for no payment or anything..it's not a fair thing I think..to compose a whole movie score is need a lot of time and you dont give anything for his efforts..ejj guys

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Hi guys,

I'm getting a bit tired of all the negative messages on this forum, that we are exploiting people etc...

This is a project set up by enthusiastic young film makers, no-one gets paid and no-one is depressed because of that - as it is our own choice.

If you are interested, if you have a submission or any questions, please contact me personally at relindedegraaff@hotmail.com

I won't be reading the messages on this forum again, I'm getting a bit tired of all the negative messages over here...

So: I'm gone now, shoot me! ;)




Relinde's homepage

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