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Shoutbox death

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See screenshot. Using Google Chrome on Windows 7.

The dropdown list up top got stuck there and now I can't post in the shoutbox. I can type, but clicking post doesn't post anything. I can't get rid of the dropdown no matter what inc. logging out/in again, refresh etc.

i.e. BUG!


ARAGH! The error's gone now. The screenshot is corrupted for some reason but I'm sure y'all can figure out what it looked like lol.


LOL!!! Ok, while trying to upload the picture, it gave me another error. The upload hung up:


Then gave this error:


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I had upload problems as well... particularly when I was on my wireless laptop. I've been connected to a very fast modem since then and haven't had any problems. A lot of the upload problems like this, as phantom said, would be problems with your ISP or computer settings (that's what mine were). At any rate, we will test this as well to make sure that it isn't a bug.

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This is actually a css error. Shoutbox.png is usually seen in the css code as

# background: url("../images/shoutbox.png") no-repeat;

and if the image is only show shoutbox.png then it tells me that your directory structure is not efficiently organized or that the style is not efficiently organized or both.

So Ja...want to try to actually solve an error instead of blaming the user -_-?

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