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July Competition

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Sorry Heckle! I forgot about yours, was only looking through the thread my bad!

About results, it should be up on sunday or sooner if all goes well. One of our judges has gone away and will be returning to review on thursday. We have two judges (excluding me) who have submitted results so far and it's become a VERY close race for first.

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It was a close competition, the top four being within 8 points of each other, but there can only be one winner, and that person is... JimmyJuicin with a score of 178!

In second was JijGaat, and third was PhRey. The rest can be left wondering how they did ;P

Here's a breakdown of what the judges thought each of you could do better.

Peter W.

- Great orchestration and drum parts

- Not very original, could've been more imaginative

- Balance issues with dynamics/instrumentation

- Fun and bouncy theme, felt like a sports theme


- Boring ostinato

- Creative with the bird sounds

- Terrible sound quality

- Nice way of portraying euphoria with a slower song

- Might not have been made for this competition (though this didn't affect your score)


- Very happy and bouncy

- Some background parts were too distracting

- Flush out your ideas - we'd have loved to see more!


- Amazing song, but not very celebratory at all

- Not playable

- Great chords and chord progression especially


- The best one as far as euphoricness goes!

- Ending was too sudden

- Great orchestration (as far as ears can tell)

(P.S. what do you mean by you don't know how to read/write music? How did you make this piece)


- Amazing orchestration

- Very nice melodies, one of the favorite pieces

- More cinematic than euphoric for some parts


- The main melody was repeated too much

- Very fun to listen to, great euphoricness

- Great (although stereotypical) orchestration added to euphoricness


- Nice harmonies and orchestration

- Fairly neutral euphoricness

- Too much going on at times

Congratulations to everyone, all the pieces were well done!

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Congratz to JimmyJuicin ! Nice job ! ;) And thank you all (judges and impresario) for this competition !

(P.S. what do you mean by you don't know how to read/write music? How did you make this piece)

... as i do every piece that i compose, with my heart and my head i suppose ?!

(One day if I have time and money I would learn to read and write, and maybe even to lead, I would love that!)

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it doesnt cost you any money to learn to read music. And I suppose that since you already make music, it won't take much time either... For you it might be a 30 minutes effort. Just look up the internet, I guess it should be on wikipedia :P

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