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Brass Choir Competition

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Hello everyone,

Because of the lull in current competitions and the fact that I just purchased EWQLSO Gold and am eager to try it out, I have decided to start this brass choir competition. Brass choirs, if you are unfamiliar with different ensemble types, are generally a mix of trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas, as well as sometimes euphoniums and or bass trombones, and they have six performers or more.

So, here are the four requirements for entering the competition (if you fail to meet these requirements, your piece will not be judged):

The work must employ six brass instruments or more (other types of instruments are not allowed)

The piece must between 1 and 10 minutes long

You must provide an audio file of the piece (either MIDI, mp3, or WAV)

You cannot have previously posted the piece

If your piece meets those requirements, it will be judged according to these categories:

Emotion (any emotion you wish, but it should be conveyed effectively in the song): 1-10 points

Creativity: 1-10

Technical: 1-10

Personal Taste (of the judge): 1-20

A score is not required, but you will automatically score a 0 in the "technical" category if you do not provide a score.

And yes, Impresario, I copied this points system from your July Competition...

I need at least 3 judges and no more than 5.









last life


Deadline July 31st at Midnight (your time zone)!


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