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The media  play chops the song off early..  It cuts it at 6:24 when the  piece is 10:25..  I uploaded it a 2nd time, still the same.. The media player displays the wrong length, and you CAN'T advance thru the song, There is no 'marker'showing the exact point  you are at as song plays..  I've tried uploading the same  piece here to see if it gets chopped off too.. On my drive it's listed as 12.5 mb.. although on site it's listed as 11.9 mb (that might be natural though. The media player also list the length of song as 00:00 in Safari.. 

In Firefox on Mac, things appear correct. the song pointer is visible and does work..  on Safari it is not visible so you can't advance or backwards the timeline of the song. 

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With Safari on Mac, other peoples uploads are messed up too..  No play indicater.. length of song is listed as 0 and it cuts off.  (I'm estimating a guess here, it might cut off of 60% of song length.. 

When I tried to comment on someone else's musical post.. Your server won't let me type a comma "," when commenting on a music post, but it will let me do it here.

FLASH is a notorious security breach, that's why Apple hates it so much.. At least once a week, some site tells me, I have to update FLASH.. I did at one site, it turned my Mac Pro into a 'spam generating zombie'..  And TIME WARNER got very upset with me.. But upon talking to them they realized I was not aware of it..

There is another protocol to use something with the term 'html-5' or something..  

I hope you can look into this..  I acknowledge what a huge undertaking you have endeavered to do.. So we should all be patient and give you time to work out the bugs.. 


Apple seriously tells users, to delete FLASH from their computer..  I might have too.. It just creates too many problems on a Mac... Seems not all sites are using the same version, hence I'm guessing why the constant telling me to update (downdate to the version to work with a particular site, or used a hacked version of FLASH to work with their site..

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