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October competition


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As no one else has agreed to do the October comp, I will be hosting it.

Here's the rules: Write a piece for no more than 10 instruments (see some choices below). Make the mood a happy, fall-like mood that suggests changing colors on trees and crisp temperatures. However, THE PIECE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN A MAJOR KEY. If you feel you can get a fall like feeling in a minor key, go for it.

You must use at least 2 of these instruments: Viola, Oboe, Harp, Vibes, and Celesta. Voice is allowed.

I would like to have all the entries in by November 18th, and would like to have results by the 23rd.

Judges: Give up to 100 points for each competitor... 30 for mood, 50 for sound, 20 for quality. 3 judges would be about right, but more is fine.











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Zach: Yes, you can, as long as you use 2 of the required instruments.

TWP: Of course you can join! But no, when I said 2 of the instruments I mean 2 DIFFERENT instruments from the list. So no, 2 harps would not be allowed.

Jaw: I've switched you, so everything is good.

Welcome to the competition Adamich!

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Congrats... here were my notes and scores, so you all have them:

Adamich: 80 (out of 100)

No score! Very much gives a feeling of fall. Cuts off rather quickly though, nice work but not complete.

Andrea Vezzoli: 60 (out of 100)

Doesn't really invoke a sense of fall at all. Makes me feel like I'm in a distorted babies crib. Some of the transitions need a lot of work - they are quite jarring and don't assist in the overall feel/mood of the piece. I just don't think that this work is creative at all. I'm sorry the structure needs a lot of work. I originally had this at 50 but gave 10 extra points cause I felt maybe I was too harsh.

Zach V: 75 (out of 100)

Not a bad pop track. The overall build up is decent, but I feel you could do a lot better here. It's very hard with this Genre to really get a sense of feeling based on your samples and loops without lyrics. That said, nice work.

I'm not sure how Graham calculated, but I felt that since there were only 3 competitors and two Judges, that we could just state our votes and opinions here.

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