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November Competition


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Here's the November Challenge. Use the given melody within a piece. It can be for any ensemble or solo instrument, can be written in any key or time signature, and use any chords desired (meaning you DON'T have to stick with the given chords if you don't want). The idea here is to be as creative as possible (for those of you who remember doing the June Competition, the same rules apply here). There is no time max or min, just make sure that the piece flows and makes sense (example: you probably won't score very high if you write a 5 second piece!!).

Attached to this post is the melody and mp3- as well as an example of what I'm talking about. Don't use my example....come up with your own :P

To enter, you must submit a readable PDF score and an mp3 file.

The following chart will be used when judging:

Creativiy: (out of 10)

Musicality: (out of 10)

Neatness: (out of 10)

Personal appreciation: (out of 10)

Any questions, feel free to reply below!!


Judging committee: JohnPax, Peter_W, Elizabeth


1. Ian

2. JThuman

3. JijGaat

4. turpentine_angels

5. Maestro

6. Ferkungamabooboo

7. JaredTC




Submission Deadline:

December 1st

Results Posted:

December 7th

Finale PrintMusic 2008 - Unknown 2.pdf

Unknown 2.mp3

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