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YC Player weird hiss

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Well, since the very first days of the YC Network I have noticed a weird hiss on all tracks, I first noticed it by listening one of my owns, I checked and that hiss is surely NOT in my original wave file.

It does happens always, is just depends on the music, I don't know if it's only me, but I don't think so.

I have MSI motherboard with Realtek HD integrated soundcard

Windows 7 x64, Phenom II x3, 4Gb Ram

FireFox 3.16 / IE7 / IE8 / Chrome

Latest Flash Player

Latest Drivers for all.

Check it with earphones or you may use "Stereo Mix" to record the current playback and then open the wave file and check the frequencies like I did.


Do you see that line about 3800hz ? well, that's aaaaalways there.

I'll give you some links to pieces currently on YC where is very notorious, at the beginning is quite clear:

pliorius - Balade for Typhon

SYS65 - Extraterrestrial Conference

SYS65 - Underwater Conference

mine are MP3 128kbps Constant BitRate, encoded on Adobe Audition 3.


Here is the one by pliorius, I'm sure he can confirm that line does not appear on his original file:


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Haha, No Justin, I'm not hearing things, at least not that hiss, that's why I posted the images.

Is not so insignificant to me, in the 3 pieces I link, you'll note it completely ruins the entrance of those pieces, and as Reviewer in Electronic I'm used to hear every single thing, if I would be new in YC I would have think whoever composed those tracks doesn't know a thing about encoding, or how to use a compressor etc, is not like in Orchestral, where the recording is not important, in Electronic the recording is everything, and no matter if the music itself is good, if the recording is bad, then is an poor or incomplete job.

Is there a re-encoding process when uploading to YC ?

like in youtube mpg to flv for instance.

I will try to catch the cache file if it's loaded into hard disk, if it's loaded into RAM will be more difficult, to re-open and check if the loaded file is different than the uploaded one.


I have checked this now, the swf player reads the very same file I uploaded, in mp3, there's no re-encoding process, the problem is in the swf player I suppose.

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