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8 Bit Challenge

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If you would like to take part of the 8 bit challenge, read on.

The 8 bit challenge is a chance for you to show off your orchestration skills. The idea is to take music from an older system, such as atari, nintendo or sega, and fully orchestrate an old tune. We will really accept all music from any system, but to keep it interesting, the systems should be older, pre 2000. Super Nintendo, and even Nintendo 64 music will count in this challenge. Please stray away from Game Cube, Xbox, and systems that use CD quality music, even if the system is an oldie (eg: Sega Genesis CD).

Please only submit music when challenges are submitted in this forum. Once a challenge is submitted, it will never close, and anyone can join the challenge at any time. Challenges may be posted by members, however the member must embed a YouTube video (using the [ youtube ]youtube url here[ /youtube ] tags) of the video game theme being presented.

The winner of these competitions will be awarded online radio air time to be broadcast for a virtual concert. YC will submit announcements to the entire YC community about who are winners are, and when they should tune in!

Here are some examples of orchestrated Nintendo music:



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