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Bass Viol sound in sibelius 6

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Hey all,

I was recently asked to write a piece for a Viol Consort (Two treble, two tenor and two bass viols). Anyway when I went into sibelius it didn't have any sounds for the lower register of the Bass Viol. From the F below middle C to the bottom of it's range. The rest of them are fine it's the lower register of the bass, which I could really do with having. I'm using sibelius 6 and sibelius sound essentials.



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Thanks guys I was having a look at it and I think the best solution is to basically switch back to the original midi sounds rather than sound essentials, it works fine then, just anoying having to change it every time I use sibelius. Oh well I guess I'll have to cope.


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I've been waiting for years, but I'm convinced that Finale, Sibelius, Garritan, etc. - none of them are going to include historic instrument samples in their collections anytime soon. Not as long as the number of people who are using them regularly is in the triple digits worldwide. Yeah, I'm bitter, but I've got the same shoes to get glad in, I suppose.

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