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Role Play: Orchestra Rep for a Concert


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Every major show, 4/year - 1 big crowdpleaser. 1-2 Local contemporary artists. 1 "deep album track" from a 2nd or 3rd tier great (Scriabin, Sibelius, Les Sixes, Big Five etc.), 1 lecturer on unifying theme of show. (2-3 hour show.)

Monthly - Large chamber show, 2-4 pieces to reinforce the themes from past/future major show, focusing on one big name and one local artist. (1-2 hr)

Weekly - Local artist night. (45-90 min)

Oh well i guess that's not quite the droids you were looking for. Cut that in thirds for 6-week schedule.

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Not exhaustive but here's a start!

Week 1:

A Premiere

Tchaik 4

Week 2

"A Trip to France"

Dapnis and Chloe




Week 3

Beethoven 7

A Premiere


Week 4

Sibelius 2

A Premiere

Trombone Concerto

Week 5

A Premiere

Visions of a Renaissance :phones:

Brahms 2

Week 6

Selections from La Boheme

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Week 1:

Academic Festival Overture

A Major Classical period concerto, probably Mozart

Beethoven 5

Week 2:

Mahler 3

Week 3:

Tchaikovksy: Marche Slave

Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2

Week 4:

St. Matthew Passion (in English)

Week 5:

Sibelius Tone Poem, a la Finlandia or En Saga

New Premiere Concerto

Rite of Spring

Week 6:

Premiere Overture

Rachmaninov: Variations on a Theme of Pagannini

The Planets

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Week 1 - Symphonies for Statespeople

Hadyn - No 48 for Queen Maria Theresa

Purcell - Ode TO Birthday of Queen Mary (either selections or the whole thing - depends on what singers they could get)

Beethoven - Eroica Symphony

Week 2 - The Waltz

Johann Strauss - The Artists Life

Mahler - The First Symphony

Ravel - La Valse

Week 3 - Viola Concertos

Bach - Chaconne in D minor for Viola - pre- curtain raised.

Telemann - Viola Concerto

William Walton - Viola Concerto

premiere of Concerto Grosso featuring Viola premiere

Week 4 - Tone Poems

Debussy - Jeux

Schoenberg - 5 Pieces for Orchestra

Richard Strauss - Don Quixote

Week 5 - Overtures and Opera

Monteverdi - Selections from orfeo

Mozart - Overture to Magic Flute

Verdi - a selections from Rigoletto

Opera Scena Premiere

Week 6 - Endings

R Strauss - Death and Transfiguration

Tchaikovsky - pathetique Symphony

Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra

I would love to have had post WW2 pieces but as I am unsure of exactly who their audience is and we have only 6 weeks, I'd have another 6 week cycle a few months later where the focus if 20th/21st century - chamber orchestra and a few large orchestra pieces.

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this is hard, here is my try


Brahms 4

Barber 1


Haydn: ...

Britten: Simple Symphony

Prokofiev 1 (and/or) Shostakovich 9


Tschaikofsky: Manfred Symphony

Holst: st Paul suite


Martin: Petite symphonie concertante (for harpichord, piano harp and strings)

Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments


La Mer

a Permiere


Bartok: concerto for Orchestra

Bartok: 1st piano concerto

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