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Maestrowick Presents: Part III of III: and the like

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So we've talked about jobs and we've talked about school? What else is there?


Be nice to people. Go to concerts. Trust me, if they are in this business, you'll need them (AND I DO MEAN TRUST ME)


This right here is kryptonite to most people. When people critique your work, listen to what they have to say. It might actually help. ASK for help. You are not Mozart. And even if you are, he still took lessons. It is well documented how other composers listened and critique each others work.


(sigh) I sit here in reminiscing of hearing gorgeous musician that was an eyesore.

1) Make sure your parts are correct.

2) "Just because you heard it that way" doesn't mean you have to write it that way. Yeah, Grainger did it, but most people realize how a pain that movement of Lincolnshire Posy is. 4+ 3 + 2+5+7 + 3= six bars of 4/4. You don't have to be difficult.

3) Make sure your parts are correct

4) Realize that a lot of times you'll only get one rehearsal

5) Make sure your parts are correct

6) Make sure your parts are correct

7) In case you forgot, make sure your parts are correct


Contest are fun but I strongly disagree writing for a competition. The resentment that might come later is not worth it (Make sure your parts are correct)


Get a website and market yourself. Have music ready to be read online and for listening (Make sure your parts are correct.) Have an email address that's for branding (i.e. chad@sirwickentertainment.com.) Have a calender of your performances ready. (Make sure your parts are correct)

Hope this helps!!

Much Love and Musically Yours,

Chad "Sir Wick" Hughes

PS: I'm off to make sure my parts are correct.

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There's a strong chance you won't win. Because of that, one may say "I've worked so hard on this composition and I didn't win!!!"

In my opinion, that isn't the way to go. Unless you can fit it in your schedule with the utmost of ease, I would not recommend composing just for a contest.

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I pretty much only write for competitions because of my busy schedule. I don't think that competitions are a bad thing as they can often help you with writing music to some set rules which is essential for professional composers. It is good to learn to write to a given deadline too. Also there are competitions that if you enter, you might get a chance to take part in a composition workshop or get your work performed/recorded.

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Maybe I'm missing something here.

And I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it but the...

Kontact player that is built into finale makes my piece sound just right the way it is.

Even if I wrote it difficult, it still 'sounds good'.

Should I rewrite it anyway?

Unless the performer says it's too difficult to read.

Revising a piece just because the 8th Bassoonist thinks the part is difficult is a pain.

Eventually, he'll play it right anyways.

Perhaps we can just find new musicians?

And train them to read what we want them to, right?

Really is a pain that they just can't do it right.


I guess the reason for this post is for validity.

So, I should check with the performers first to make sure it's not to difficult?

Cause, I don't want to spend the extra time to rebeam a line.

Or waste time rewriting an already 'correct' part.


Realize, I have a busy schedule.

Even though you're part isn't how YOU want it.

Can't you see it's how I want It?


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Just having a website isn't enough. You have to, OMG, market it. Also, a modicum of SEO knowledge probably would help.

An ad (which is what your website is) is great and all, but if an ad is great and no one sees it, does it make a sound?

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Wo -

Very true ... BUT you gotta start somewhere.

There are free websites you can set-up something. Web.com is one. And here is an OLD-FASHIONED thing to always have and is more important than a website - BUSINESS CARDS. Without that you have to rely on them having an IPAD or Android or whatever or whatever pen and paper there is. So, carry one.

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