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Yes. As long as you follow the liturgy and you use a voice, then it is a Requiem.

You can also (technically) add movements of English text or your own text or other poetry. But, it is not canon and will not be a "true" Requiem by definition.

But, I know some Reqiuems that do that. hahah.

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A Requiem is a Mass, is not only funeral music, is a sung mass with funeral music, so the text must be followed, without alterations, Mozart's Requiem would be the perfect example.

Compared with the traditional Mass form, Requiem has additional sections that require music, in short.... I'd say you follow the Mozart structure, (text and movements) just with your own music:


in case you want it to be performed in an actual Mass, you'll need some other musical segments.

as a personal note, I say "Sanctus" must be always imposing, no matter if the mass is a funeral, is Christmas or whatever, in a requiem it can temporary break the funeral aspect, no sadness or calmness, God is God in life and death.

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