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Describe, in detail, the room in which you write music.


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Incredibly messy. At the moment there are heaps of books for my thesis laying around. I make stacks of books. On my desk are a printed version of Phils Toccatina, laying next to the score of Frank Martins Petit Symphonie Concertante. A plate, multiple coffee mugs, an empy bottle of wodka, a Frank Herbert Dune novel. On the floor are (again) heaps of books, papers, and college anotations, a pair of shoes, a dead bonsai tree. An keyboard (which I never use). Etc.

Since a pic says more than 1000 words I'll try to upload a photo soon.

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Actually anywhere... Same as Heckel... (Brrr... this feels weird...). ;D

I don't really need anything to compose, apart from my manuscript and notes, and drafts and pencil and eraser. That's all.

If anything else is needed, then I'll go to it (a computer, or the piano, or something).

Once I'm done I will copy to Finale/Sibelius...

If I'm composing media music then I, obviously need my studio.

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My room:

Cold because there is no heat.

Dark because the only light comes from two gothic candle holders that flank my desk.

Glittering light emanates from the one log that is burning in the fire place.

There is a bust of Beethoven on the mantle.

My desk is but a piece of wood erected on top of two tree stumps (the roots chopped of course).

The desk is scattered with manuscripts and my one writing utensil - the big black quill plucked from an Ostrich.

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