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This might be a little strange ^^;

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Hi! I don't normally speak to you composer types, I'm more of a rocker girl :3 hence my name (I heard there aren't a lot of girls who compose)

I love led zeppelin and I have been inspired by the great guitar works of eddie van halen (would you call that a composition?) which has lead me to musical exploration and the desire to create my own great symphonies like mozart Behtoven and Bach.

I have always loved that one song Moonlight Sonata by Behtoven but never really listened to any classical type stuff until recently my band nerd friend Tyler showed me the lovely calming peacful music of Mozart and it pequed my interests so I started listening to more Behtoven and Mozart and that german guy bach. (I love germans anyone here listen to rammstein?? ^_^)

ANYWAYS I would like to explore this beautiful new peaceful world of music. I hope to one day compose my own dark symphonic metal pieces and I need your help.

I can sing like tarja from Nightwish and I know how to play some piano but I can only read tabs.

Where should i start?

If someone would be willing to help me learn musical notes one on one (preferably someone who likes nightwish and emilie autumn) i will work my hardest to make sure they are appreciated and youd get into all my bands future concerts for free. ;P

Anyways could you guys also please rec me some more classical music to listen to? Ive been listening to it every night before i go to sleep and its just so beautiful and calming and romantic.>.<

any violinists here btw?

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AS for peaceful --- well, not all of it is "peaceful" and calming and romantic.

Ah, try Rite of Spring for something totally different. Stravinsky

Listen from top to bottom.

Then try this Bach

For peaceful --- hmm, Bruckner

As for learning to read music - tough to do over the internet as someone has to supervise your progress with in person lessons. General questions can be asked but you could start with a Music Theory for Dummies to get the basics down

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It's nice to see a person getting into "classical" music with so much enthusiasm. One thing that you should know is that there is a lot more in this new world than it might seem to you right now. The fact that you refer to your new discovery as "peaceful" and "romantic" gives that away. I'd suggest using the internet to read up on the musical eras and composers, then listening to them on youtube (they have everything on youtube). Keep and open mind, and don't be too quick to dismiss things that aren't immediately engaging or pleasant. Have fun with your musical explorations.

EDIT: Since you asked for suggestions, a logical next step for you would be music from the romantic era. Try some Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Those are pretty popular and accessible.

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Welcome to YC...!

You could also try Tchaikovsky. If you're in the darker mood, perhaps the Sixth Symphony (Pathetique) or some of his ballet scores. In general his music is VERY accessible, and many of his tunes are exceedingly well-known. Also Rachmaninov and Chopin.

If you follow composerorganist's advice and listen to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (early 20th century heavy metal?), don't be surprised. I got a headache the first time I heard it (there was so much unexpected!). But it's a rock-solid essential classic.

Good luck, and I hope you may tell us your experiences with these suggestions...

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