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The Philosophy Of The Fugue Family

Marzique Bordex

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The latin origin of the word fugue, it implies a sort of battle between two or more parties each one representing an imitative voice, thus the initial theme attempts to flee while the eminent imitation chases the theme in a simultaneous yet harmonious manner. If we are to consider what the fugue means, it seems to be a jousting of warfare which if this or my piece is not a fugue or a variant of the fuga family, then is there a war present or not otherwise something different taking place? Perhaps not a war & if a war, then perhaps the mechanics of warfare are being represented in a set of different warfare protocols.There seems to be a controlled warfare for while the main theme remains dominant first introduced to have total control over the enemy & the auxiliary imitations remaining retardant. Thus the physics of counterpoint can be officially altered thus obliterating retardant imitations & various scenarios where the dominant theme can be counterpointed from the beginning thus an equal juxtaposition initially & instead of retardant imitations, differential respondents or simultaneous differential points of attack to an otherwise predictable aftermath of warfare known as the old fugue of musical & mirroring non-musical supremacy of always the victor & always the defeated. Thus these contrapuntal emotive ideologies one can intellectually & creatively alter the war-zone or not necessarily a war-zone by kings & queens to rather different scenarios, twists & turns, & concepts that them mere fugal family was designed to forbid due to security issues.Thus the reformist, innovatist, visionary, or avant-garde can provide fascinating & even humorous imagery & new concepts with his new fugal logic while the fugal variant can remain & seen for the 1st time in the way it has always been since the monarchy of the baroque era

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