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Hello all!

I would like to have a concert in 2012 October-November, which would be a solo cello concert. I will play pieces like Penderecki's Capriccio, and Ligeti Solo Sonata. On this concert, I would like to perform one of your pieces, so that's the reason for this competition.

You can write for cello solo, or cello with electronic accompaniment (or other prerecorded staff).

I prefer more xx. century or contemporary staff on this concert, so neo-classic and neo-romantic pieces won't be really accepted.

The piece doesn't have to be new, but I like to be the world premiere cellist :)

You have to send the (full) score to my e-mail --> gollam12@gmail.com

I hope till June 1st everybody can do something for this small competition. Of course is somebody needs more time, it can be extended.

Please write a comment, if you want to try this, so that I can see how many people will try.

Also, if you have any questions, write it here, or write PM.


Marcell Magyari

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Can be longer too. I would like to perform it in the first part of the concert, before my piece titled Ego, which will be more than 30 minutes long for cello, piano, soprano recorder, percussions (all played by me) and prerecorded tape (on which I play too :D). (note, that I'm mainly a cellist and a composer!)

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I exactly mean 18th century's techniques, forms, chords, etc. For example some post-minimalist composers has a style like that (in my opinion even Philip Glass writes pieces in a neoclassic style, but it's just my theory :) ). Shostakovich's and Bartók's stlyes fit well to the program.

Also if you want, you can think about prerecorded things. If it's not possible for you, I can do the prerecording in the summer. But it's just an option.

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I have recently composed a piece for two cellos, but I don't have a piece for solo cello. :(

Would you like to receive the duo? You might probably record one part and perform the other at the concert... Just a thought. ;)

Or write something like a variation to that piece for cello + prerecorded tape. Take care, that not everything can be played with prerecorded tape, what can be played live. (the solo starts to play before, or at the same time like the recording.. etc etc.)

Or you can arrange it to solo cello :D

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OK, I'll do my best... but I'm already apologizing in advance for the results... :blush:

you know, I've found that the style of music I write is the same as the music I listen to. When I listen to music from the Romantic era, my music is in that same style, so just listen to some Ligeti, maybe a bit of John Adams, some Steve Reich, maybe that'll help

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check dis out, this person played one of my pieces, both works are from the same composer Wil Smith:

http://www.myspace.com/wilsmithmusic/music/songs/crushed-24140480 (crushed is the tune)

and here's one of his for the upright bass, 'heavy beating' played by eleonore oppenheim (who has also played a piece of mine):


I would give this a shot, but I'm rather busy with my own endeavors at the moment. Hope to hear or at least see the score of some really interesting pieces as a result of this call for scores!

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perfect timing, I literally JUST wrote a piece for solo cello! Count me in!

I'm sorry, I'll have to quit :( my band director quit his job, and that caused a massive panic

I thought you had already written your piece. :veryunsure: Hopefully the band director didn't took the e-mail access with him :P ...

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I thought you had already written your piece. :veryunsure: Hopefully the band director didn't took the e-mail access with him :P ...

yeah, I wrote it, but I didn't quite edit it enough for me to declare it done. There's a ton of fine tuning that needs to be done. And he's not gone yet, but it's his last year at my high school :( , and I was planning on writing a piece dedicated to him (if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be a composer today), but now I'll need to work on that NOW

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How comfortable are you with left hand pizzicato? Also, since I am not a cellist, could you give me a list of things "not to do" with this technique? (I imagine I could finish writing and send the piece and then get some comments back... but if there's a simple set of rules to follow, I'll do my best.)

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about the left-hand pizzicato: for the open strings, it's quite easy, sounds good. it gets a bit harder if you have to play something else on other strings.

if you want to have an other pitch.. the deeper the better on the string, because higher notes wont be audible, it would be more like a percussion effect.

about everything else: you still have like a week, and if you want, we can expand it to June 10 or so. what do you think?

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