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Per Lichtman

What String Or Solo String Libraries Would You Like Reviewed?

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July is an unofficial "Strings-Stravaganza" month for SoundBytes Magazine so let us know what reviews you would like to see! 
Here are the string related products that we have started reviewing for the issue. 
- Embertone Blakus Cello 1 
- pocketBlakus (legato and spiccato versions) 
- Prague Solo Strings 
- SimpleSamSamples Signor Paganini 
- VSL Solo Strings I Full 
- Cinematic Strings 2.11 
- XSample Chamber Ensemble 
- Acoustica Audio Stradipad 

What other string or solo string libraries would you most like reviews of?

Here are some of my past reviews to give you a sense of what to expect - or you can read the whole current issue at http://www.soundbytesmag.net.


May Issue 2014

Sonokinetic Minimal 
Kaotica Eyeball (Microphone Isolation Accessory) (Includes demos!) 
November Issue 2013 
Acustica Audio Nebula 3.6 (Effects Sampling Plug-in) 
Embertone Friedlander Violin 1 (Solo Violin Sample Library for Kontakt Player) 
May Issue 2013 
Parallax-Audio VirtualSoundStage (Stereofield Placement Plug-In Based on a concert hall display) 

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Embertone just came out with an update for the Friedlander violin. Why not review that?

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