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Hello People of Earth,


I'm a teenage girl who's interested in starting a band. The genre could be anything, ranging from Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative, Pop, Pop Punk, Electronic, etc. 



  • Know how, or is learning how to play an instrument. (Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums,Violin) would be preferred, but other instruments would be great too.
  • Between the ages of 13-18( Can be negotiated)
  • Songwriting abilities would be gladly appreciated but not mandatory
  • Have to be able to travel to the NYC area

​These are just basic requirements, things can change and anyone can, and should apply. All you have to do is send a video or recording of you playing to this email: Thatrockergirl28@gmail.com and answer the questions below.After that there will be a interview and whoever gets pick we'll have a group interview to see if we all click. I am not a looking to create a band to get famous but I am looking for a group of people who love music just as much as I do and wants to express themselves and let their voice be heard.So apply and I can't wait to hear you.






Favorite Color:

Favorite Food:

Top 5 Favorite Bands:


Favoriting things you like to do:

Why do you wanna join this band?

What makes you different from other artist?

What are your goals, musically?

What can you bring to the Band besides being able to play and instrument?

How available are you for practice, what days of the week?

What does music mean to you?

Are you ok with Video Chatting?( Skype,Oovoo,FaceTime)





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