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Four Little Compositions

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Wow, in your Op. 1 you are using a difficult tonality (Eb min). This one is good, there is variation in the left hand.

The second one is very energic, despite the minor mode. I also like it but the changes in dynamics are too hard (I guess is a matter of musescore, too).

The third one is great... It sounds "Spanish".

Number #4 is rich harmonically.

In general, I think it's a good job. You manage the parts and sections (I always recommend stugying Forms, it helps a lot to make better compositions). You avoid paralellism in rhythm, I mean, whrn you write for the piano, if both hands are playing always in parallel, or if you use block chords all the time, it becomes boring soon. But you don't do it, and it's great. Your language is 100% tonal, that's not good nor bad, it's your choide. I love using other harmonic systems... Of course, there is a lot to learn for writing better music, piano is not easy to work with when composing. It's a challenge...





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By tonal I mean you use the major / minor modes or scales.

But harmony is much bigger than that. However, I think one has to go step by step.

Once you are used to work with these escales, you can go further with modal harmony (dorian, eolian, etc...).

You can explore harmony by fourths, by fifths, by seconds.

And, if you are interested: atonality.

Also: exotic scales.

And many more.

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