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Piano variations on the "Westminster Quarters"

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Hi, I wrote these variations last winter. Originally intended to be a set of 24 variations, a compromise was made for 12, then 8 and it ended up being only 5. A sad story indeed, so even though these were performed and everything I consider them very incomplete. I have abandoned them for now but I will definitely take them up again later. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Bear in mind that at the moment these are really only refined sketches and require more work before I consider them fully fleshed out, perhaps with the exception of variation 1. I will supply the live performance as well as playback of variation 1, which went horribly wrong at the concert and also variation 3, which wasn't as bad. Variation 2 and 5 contain minor mistakes because I took too much time composing it and didn't hand the pianist the notes until way too late, so he is pretty much sight-reading (and is one of the most talented sight-readers I have seen).

P.S. The score is only intended for performance and are not up to the standard I set myself for finished scores.

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