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Chords I used:

Em - B - D - G - Am

Some were inversions...I think if I used that term correctly lol.

Currently practicing chords and progression so I don't think it's expertly executed but hopefully this proves I'm on the right track.

Clashing is also one of my biggest issues I learned from Monarcheon so with this one I tried to fix that without eliminating huge and epic sections of the song. Like I tried to make some parts epic without the clashing so I'm not sure if I done that here or not.

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Those are not the chords you used, exactly. You use both E major and e minor. You also use G-sharp minor, (iii chord) which you did not mention.

This is a major improvement to what you had before, I'm impressed. You use some rather interesting changes and the feel of full sound is much more present in this piece. The clashing is minimized as well, but that's because you don't have a lot of countermelodies in this piece, which I would encourage you to add in other pieces.

Development is something you're going to want to be wary of. A lot of composers seem to think that "sectionalized" works where everything is clearly laid out in sections cut off from each other counts as development, but it doesn't necessarily. It's not as bad here, but transitional work and flow between sections could improve your writing immensely. Good luck.


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An old music teacher of mine actually said the same thing about sectional work and I've always kinda struggled with that. The song is suppose to flow at a nice pace and I've always had trouble leading into different parts without sectioning them off...it's a tough balance especially when you're trying to avoid repeats and waiting times.

Thanks for the review! 

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