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War of Rotterdam -- Inside Alien Structure (Looping)

Zimr Music

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Ok, I consider this one finished. It's a background music for a scene in my game where the player infiltrates a building converted to an alien facility. No accompanying video game footage yet....

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Great! This works really well with your theme and purpose. I like how the soprano tritone doesn't always stay that way; it goes into major thirds as well. My comment on that is that I thought the unison G# was a little bit out of place.

The soft brass behind the music in the second section mostly on roots was subtle and a nice touch whenever it deviated from this pattern.

It repeated itself but always felt engaging with a new addition in the front of every variation. I feel like you could have changed the chords once in a while, but the timbre variation was an incredibly welcome addition. Also softening and loudening certain sections that have already played would have created this unique feeling of being pushed towards something then retreated but the threat never going away... for example the high violin line. It's okay but never seems to deviate volume-wise.

This was very well done. My suggestions are merely slight augmentations. Cheers!

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