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April Rain

Gustav Johnson

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Howdy Y'all,

Here's a piece I finished back in April. It's been one of my goals to work on my structural construction and balancing. This is one work I think I did well with in that regards, but I'd appreciate feedback from others! Sorry there's no score to go with it yet, it's at my home computer so I'll post it when I get home from school tonight.



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Really pretty nice. Dynamic mixing on the suspended cymbals in the beginning was a little jumpy. Might want to take a look at that; they jump up randomly. 
I personally found the hemiola off-beats in the ride cymbal a little bit distracting. I know what you were going for, so maybe it's just a volume thing again.
At 0:36 the pulse was almost lost completely for me. Double hemiola with one of them being a big-beated hemiola is a little strange.
At :49, you might want to make sure that the harp gliss isn't clashing with the altered tones required to make a V chord in G minor... I can't tell if anything is wrong, but sometimes programs don't change it for you. But past that, I can't really hear anything musically out of place.


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