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Trio No. 1


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here is a piece for two violins and one cello.  thoughts, feedback, and ideas welcome.


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I had to hear this in my head rather than the file given my circumstances at the moment, but chordally it sounds okay, theoretically. The way you structure the chords make it sound a little weak harmonically. 

The writing in the beginning is also weird... are whole notes not an option? If you want them portando, you have to mark it.

It seems like a more tonal Scelsi. It's interesting.

Nicely done.

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Well, I could listen to it (midi sounds). What I have to say is that, apart from the midi sound which is not very nice, the whole piece is in "tremolando". That's too much. I don't know if you wanted to be so, or not. I think you didn't because from m. 25 on, there are some tremolo written.

When a piece is static, or in that kind of sections, I'm not very fond of exact repetitions, there's always occasion to make variations, but that's your choice, of course.






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