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Bad Percussion Ensemble (with flute!)


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Arrangement of a piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto for large percussion ensemble... Check it out

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Again, sheet music, if available. 
It sounds okay, I think... again with chord progressions. I know it wasn't your piece. But it's your job to make it interesting. And that's my main gripe with this one... it underutilizes variation in percussion way too much. Percussion is the most diverse and flexible instrument group... so many opportunities, I feel like you could have made the most of.

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By "bad" do you mean good? In America, in the 70's, bad meant good.  :blink: But anyway, this is not bad, it's pretty good. Monarcheon's complaints about under utilizing the ensemble ist valid, but there is not much material here to work with in the first place. It's only three or four chords dressed up in different ways, with no contrasting theme whatsoever. There was a brief dip with the Eb-Ebm change but it didn't go anywhere but right back to the Gb-Ab-Bbm riff, which is kind of a chiche nowadays. So, good work given the material, but maybe choose better material next time. Admittedly, I have not heard the original piece.

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