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Mensuration Canon

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I was shocked listening to some kind of canon from the Renaissance. They use polyrhythm extensively.

So I tried... This little canon works this way:

Two parts (8 + 8 measures).

The middle voice and the bottom voice are in 5/4. The middle runs twice faster.

The upper voice is the same than the bottom one but in 7/8.

The gaps when one voice finishes earlier than others (very few gaps, indeed) are in free counterpoint.

I like the result, romantic and impressionistic with mild dissonances.

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I feel like maybe it's better with instruments that don't have such an instantaneous envelope height. A lot melding that needs to be done with this and stringed instruments would be a better fit in my opinion.
I was okay with the polyrhythm in the first section, but it seemed more like a gimmick in the second. I think the more involved the counter-rhythm can be, the better it is, just because it establishes itself as present, rather than comes in to interject.
It sounds pretty nice, but there should be a bit more edge to it in my opinion.


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Yes I agree that it would sound better with strings or similar.

And yes, I wrote it with no manipulation. I mean, the voices are strictly canonic. Justo a starting opina for something, it's short and althoughbit is complete, it has some potential.

Those ancient masses from the Renaissance period written entirily in this mind of canon aré incredible.

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