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Snowy Christmas in Colorful Bells

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you can listen my piece here --- Snowy Christmas in Colorful Bells


Composed and arranged this sound from fragments of melody Jingle Bell & Deck the Hall carols. I wrote the score and intended to play and record it on piano only, but due to lack of tools for recording I couldn't make it with quallity, so my brother helped me arranging it with program and I added bells and claps. Please tell me your review and feel free to listen.


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Until it hit its stride in the ending part, it was much too hectic... so many changes in such little time. The modulations you used at the end were pretty impressive but the beat two, bar two ending threw me off. It just didn't seem very focused and could benefit from more thorough development.

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It changed a little too quickly for me too.  Which is to say, I was enjoying each individual section, and then felt disappointed when the music switched away from it to do something else.  i wonder if you could extend this into a longer work, take a little longer with each part when introducing it, and then also include this, with the quick changes for vivacity and surprise, as a middle section?  The overall texture is a fun idea!


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