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With this I used a lot of the new software I've purchased from 8dio, except the cinema trailer sound effects which were bought seperately. 

I'm still pretty new to all of this new software and sounds so this more experimental if anything. There are literally thousands of sounds with these new software bundles and the ones here are just a few out of the thousands of others. This makes me really excited about the possibilities.

Simple chord progression etc. Hope it sounds ok...

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I'll always be a personal advocate for changing chord progressions within a piece like this. I get that this is short, but using, for example, iv -> vi for a dramatic edge would be so electrifying.
The big climactic section is great, but needs to be longer.
Interplay is generally okay. Sometimes I feel like the range difference is a bit too large... bass or tenor to soprano needs some alto support, especially in cinematic stuff like this.
Good experimental work. 

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