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Christmas Eve Song for String Trio

Luis Hernández

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To celebrate this day, I've been working on this piece.

It's a big canon in prolation. It's not a live performance, so the slurs are for expression (for the software to do them).

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Quite a few clashing tones... I think that's may main issue here. A lot of these don't resolve quickly.
Look at m. 7-8. Beats 3 and 4 of the outer voices feature a neighboring cluster around A. Beats 1-3 of measure 8 do the same thing, but around the A in the bass.
Measures 5 and 6 have the inner and lower voice switch off playing a minor second (prime form). 
It almost sounds bitonal but a lot of these tones seem to be doing their own thing rather than functioning as a unit as Ives would have done.
Despite all this, I could still here the atmosphere you were going for and it's definitely a bit of augmented reality! Intriguing stuff.

Merry Christmas!

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